Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Birthday Pie.jpg
Thanksgiving 2.jpg

Hello Friends! I hope my US readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. Ours was a small family affair with my sister and her husband and our parents. Three dogs livened things up and we had a long time to relax and chat. We saw only a few snowflakes, but lots more rain. I was born on Thanksgiving, so we always celebrate my birthday on the holiday even when my actual birthday is next Monday. Birthday pie is a tradition!

2018 Christmas Goose.jpg

I have been busy with house and family this week, but have been squeezing in a bit of time to update my shops since the Christmas Goose Fair last weekend. I still have a few more of the hand stamped cards to add, but mostly the shops are as full as they will get for the holidays, unless I get a wild hair to finish items already in progress or start something new.

Lucky for you, the Etsy Cyber Week Sale is on now until Monday, November 26th. Purchase at least $50 and get 20% off. This includes everything in both shops including drawstring bags, zipper bags, handmade books, original art, ornament kits, Christmas ornaments, Christmas cards, everyday note cards and stickers, and hand stamped Moleskine journals. Unfortunately, with the way Etsy works you can’t combine items from the two shops to make up the $50, but hopefully you can find goodies in either shop to get there. No coupon needed!