AAQI for January: A New Vision

A new vision for AAQI 2
I finished my 14th quilt for AAQI last night.  It is a departure for me to do something so abstract, but again, that's the beauty of the AAQI quilts.  I can try something in a small format and see how I like it.  I did enjoy stitching the eyes, but I don't think this is really me. I hope someone likes it though!  Luckily, with a nice variety of quilts at AAQI there should be something for everyone. Latest news on the AAQI front is that I have donated 13 quilts and 11 have sold for a total of $551.29.  Little Blue Lamb is still for sale.  It's not up on my private page yet, but I hope it will be soon.  Tulip Fields is awaiting assignment.  Be Yourself doesn't even have a photo up yet, so it will be awhile on that one. Please check out all the wonderful little quilts available there and send your family and friends too. What a wonderful way to contribute and to get a nice little artwork too.