Blue Bento Box- Done and Gone


I finished the Blue Bento Box quilt on Tuesday and mailed it off Wednesday.  I like the way this one came out, thought it's not nearly as sparkly as Kathy's.  There is something different about the quilt that you might notice if you look carefully. 


See that circle?  It was a necessity as I got a little carried away with my scissors while trimming thread ends.  I decided to just applique right over the little cut.  I think it looks kind of cool and people will wonder why there's just one of them.  I thought about adding more to make it look like I planned it that way, but I just didn't have time.  This is for my nephew, Kasey, who graduated from high school (also my hubby's and my old stomping grounds) with honors, scholarships and as a member of the state's first place gymnastics team.  We are so proud of him!  I hope he likes this quilt.  I do recall giving him a crocheted blanket as a baby gift, but he's never had a quilt from me before.

I'm also working on the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show block contest, but I don't think I'll reveal that until the deadline to deliver them is passed.  Meanwhile, even though the crochet blanket looks that same as it did last time I showed it, I still think a freshly groomed Scrabble warrants a photo.  Have a great weekend!