And the winner is...

Ex Goat Milker, Dani!  Congratulations!  It pays to de-lurk.  Dani says she's been a lurker for a year- wow!  I'm glad you finally made yourself known.  I took a look at Dani's blog and she's got some really cute crochet going there.  I especially love sweet Wonky Bear. 

Dani, I'm not sure how to email you on your site, so when you see this post please email me with your preference for a prize and your mailing address.  It looks like you might prefer yarn, if so please let me know if you have an particular fiber content that you like best. 

Thanks to everyone who participated and sent so many good wishes.  It really means a lot to me.  I have really enjoyed sharing my work and it's been great that so many of you share yours as well.  Blogland is a wonderful place!