Taos Treasure

This morning we headed north a bit to Taos Pueblo.  This Pueblo has been continuously lived in for 1000 years.  It was a beautiful day so I got some wonderful photos.  The Indians were very friendly and we had several interesting conversations with them. It was a wonderful morning, but as I reflected later I realized there were no children at all, except my own. That was very weird.  I wonder if there were tribal children behind the scenes.  There must be little ones somewhere.  I read that about 150 people live in the Pueblo, so the majority of the Taos Indians live in more modern dwellings on Pueblo lands.  Well, it was nice to have fewer people there.  I was able to get many shots without a single person in the frame.

We sat in the sun, visited the shops, ate fry bread, talked to the reservation dogs and chatted with the artisans.  I'm in love with the adobe architecture so that was my main interest there.  Chloe wanted to buy some earrings and she did find the prettiest pair.  Ryan was most interested in the dogs, though you have to be careful with them.  Not all are friendly.  I was very taken with the clay figures and ended up with several as we walked around and saw more and more wonderful pieces.  I ended up with a 4 part bear family, a tiny owl, a grandfather storyteller and a bar of wonderful soap (smelling of cedar and decorated with a piece of turquoise).  All were made at the Pueblo.