Witch Hat?

Witch Hat frontHalloween Summer continues with this quilt that started life many years ago in a challenge put forth by Tonya Ricucci, Halloween quilter extraordinare!  Every October I would get out the bin and try to finish by Halloween, but never did. I got tired of seeing that bin this June, so I got it out and finished the sucker.  I sent it off to Tracy Mertes for quilting and forgot about it.  Thus, it was a very nice surprise when she called last week to tell me it was finished.  I requested to have it done by the guild show this Saturday so I should have known.  Anyhoo, I'm so pleased with it! Witch Hat Detail (2)Everything is made with liberated piecing.  The face idea came from Tonya and the hats were my idea.  The quilting is loads of fun. I gave Tracy free reign, but did suggest some words would be nice, and spider webs with spiders.  I think she did a great job!Witch Hat Detail (3)

Witch Hat Detail (5)The back was also fun to put together from lots of Halloween odds and ends and a panel that I like, but didn't have a plan for.  Luckily, with a quilt that's meant to be used, the back will get seen lots.  As you can see, this is quite a bit bigger than I usually do, which is why it had to go off for quilting.  I think that's all for the Halloween quilts for now, but boy, when October rolls around I'll be so happy that these are done!Witch Hat back