Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures

Plain and Fancy (1)

Did you hear a big groan this weekend?  That was me realizing that the nasty wave in the edge of this quilt you can see above was not going to disappear, no matter what!  The center of this quilt is fairly flat, but I spent yesterday's studio time quilting the border and realizing the wave was rather persistent.  I thought that a clever facing technique I learned from Hilde Morin (I can't find a link to it, but it uses a template with corners that are just a little less than 90 degrees) would fix it up, but the wave was just too much.  This morning I had to face the music and decided the border just had to go.  

Plain and Fancy (2)

I bit the bullet and cut off the offending border and am in the process of putting on a regular binding which had been what I originally wanted to do anyway.  Luckily, the binding was all made and ready to go.  This quilt is for the Modern Metallic challenge and I, unfortunately, am on for jury duty this week so I have to get it done and photographed today!  Oh, and one more thing, while quilting the blocks, the walking foot snagged on the bit below and I have to make a repair too.  Big Sigh!  

Plain and Fancy (3)

I'll be back later this week with a proper reveal.  Carry on, and remember, everyone makes mistakes!

PS- If you know the facing method I mentioned above and have a link for it, could you send the link in the comments?  I use that technique every now and then and find it does work to make a slightly wavy quilt lay flatter.  Thanks!