Two greatest kids

I've got the two greatest kids in the whole, wide world!  Now, why are my kids so wonderful?  Well, today I went out in the afternoon to run some errands, suddenly 2 hours turned into 4.  When I got home the house was all picked up, Chloe was making dinner and, it turned out that Chloe had done several fun projects with Ryan, including making a scarecrow and making leaf bookmarks for me!  I've got to get photos of the scarecrow and bookmarks tomorrow.  It's certainly true that you don't need to make children do chores, to raise some lovely and helpful people. 

Last night they had a ball putting together the tornado tube that we got in Santa Fe. They decided they wanted to have something float around in the bottles.  A little, tiny ship would have been perfect, but we didn't have one, so they tried all sorts of little objects which either didn't float or were too big to get in the bottles.  Finally, I suggested they try the little Rokenbok balls that come with the set.  Perfect!

Lately, Chloe and I have been working a lot on ATC's.  It's been so much fun that I've gotten out lots of collage and altered art books from the library.  Today I couldn't help myself and went to get some books to keep.  I had a great time at Barnes & Noble perusing their craft books.  I also got more supplies.  I think I have enough stuff to keep us busy all winter long!

Chloe and I are also participating in trades at Imagination Tribe and have a great time.  We got back the first ATC's in trade the other day and they are beautiful!  I haven't gotten a photo of them yet, but I will.  Here are photos of the ATC's that we sent in for the trade (mine on top, Chloe's on bottom).