Sun Moon Stars continues

Suns, sunflowers

Sun Moon Stars is nearly finished, but the work continues.  I've been having fun designing folded star, sun, sunflower patterns.  The middle one is four layers and I could see that expanding to several more!  I think several of these will show up in the Second Chances quilt.

Velvet Face
Jude talked about dimensional faces the other day.   I'm not sure where this is going, but I like it.  It's a silk velvet stitched with cotton floss.  Maybe the couched points will continue around until this is a sun face.  The couched yarn is pure silk that I hand spun.  I got a sample once at a fiber festival and found it very difficult for me to spin, so this little tiny bit is very special.  I've doubled it and am couching it down with cotton floss.   I don't really have a plan for these little samples, but they are fun to do and will show up somewhere, some day.  I'm just continuing, like Jude does.  The next class is her Magic Diaries.  I look forward to more whispering!