Shattered: AAQI for June

AAQI June 2013 Shattered (1)
This is my June quilt for AAQI.  Things are coming down to the wire now.  July is the last month to send in quilts and I have two fun ones coming up for that.  In the meantime, Shattered is this one.  It started in a class with Gwen Marston last fall.  It's made from some leftovers for the main quilt I was making at the time.  I decided to hand quilt it which will hopefully add some extra value to it.  It's number 14569.

I've been so scatter brained lately, that I just realized I never posted my May quilt for AAQI.  It's called Los Colores de Mexico (14263) and is also up now on the AAQI website.  I forgot to get a photo of it before I sent it out.  That one is also free pieced and hand quilted.  

I also have two other ones that are available for sale.  They are abstract free pieced quilts that I machine quilted.  Check out my $1000 Promise page to see them all.