BIQR Day 3: Charlevoix the Beautiful

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In our effort to see as much of Michigan as we could on this trip, Jan, Marion and I took some time out one afternoon to drive up to Charlevoix.  This quaint lake-side town has a quilt shop and the famous "mushroom" houses which we set out to find. 

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Hearts to Holly is a wonderful quilt shop right in the downtown area.  It has lots of great novelty and modern prints.  I went a little bit overboard here!

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After the shop, we went searching for the "Mushroom" houses.  The architect, Earl Young, built these fabulous creations only in Charlevoix.  We managed to see quite a few on a street that went right along the lake.  Such a pretty area.  

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Afterwards we went out to dinner at the Weathervane Restaurant and only then realized that that building was designed by Earl Young too.  

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We took a walk along the waterfront.

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We saw some more wonderful rock formations.  So many quilt ideas here!

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Last stop was Murdick's fudge, where we treated ourselves to this Michigan delicacy.  They sure do like their fudge there!

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Next post:  The Elk Rapids Farmer's Market and Gwen's favorite antique quilts!