Sue Spargo style

Sue Spargo Travel Journal Day 2 (16)
I'm taking a trip in the Way Back Machine, come along for the ride!  First off, way back in early July, at Quilter's Affair, I took two classes with Sue Spargo.  One was this class called Travel Journal, based on Sue's quilt, Tree of Life, that she made to celebrate her 50th birthday.  Her's included 50 birds, plus lots of other animals, like dogs, fish, butterflies, etc.  Mine will include the important dogs in my life, many birds and our goldfish who still live at our old house.  Oh, I just remembered I'll have to include my childhood kitties too.  I have not had time to work on this since then, so it looks much the same, though now has a little Scrabble on it.  

I also took Sue's Leaf Play class, but realize now that I never got any photos from that.  It was basically an embroidery tutorial to learn ways to embellish.  As you may know, Sue is known for having heavy embellishment on her quilts.  That was a lot of fun.  Sue's style is in my mind right now because tomorrow I start a 3 day retreat with Sue and Tonye Belinda Phillips!  I can' t wait, it should be tons of fun.  Now, I've got to get my supplies ready.  I'll be back next week with more photos from Way Back When.