Sock Summit 2009- Day 3


Not as many photos for you today.  I forgot my memory card in the morning and was only able to put 6 photos on the camera.  I don't have my cable to download them here, so they will have to wait.  Today was nice because Chloe, Sarah, Shayna and Jennifer came to spend some time at the marketplace.  Chloe, Shayna and Sarah are staying overnight and heading home with me tomorrow.  We had a fun time doing more exploring in the vendor hall this morning.  We also knit on the world's biggest sock.  After lunch I had a lecture with Priscilla Gibson-Roberts about Ethnic Socks.  It was pretty interesting to see so many beautiful socks and their history.


After the class we headed out to dinner at Ping in the Chinatown area of downtown.  It was fabulous!  Then we hopped back on the MAX and went to the World Forestry Center for the Ravelry meetup.  We had a good time meeting other Ravelers and admiring many beautiful handknits.  My Dianna shawl has been getting a lot of attention at the SS.  Chloe and Shayna spent the day collecting knitting buttons, some of which you can see above.  Sarah and I posed with our new Turkish Delights.  These spindles are made by Ed Jenkins and spin like a dream.  Sarah has some merino/silk and I have merino/cashmere.  Oh my goodness, what gorgeous fibers!


Tomorrow I have a class in the morning and the luminary panel in the afternoon.  It'll be hard to leave, but we'll be taking home plenty of souvenirs!