Fox & Geese


These Fox & Geese mittens were quite a learning experience for me.  I have never gotten very good at stranded colorwork and wanted to improve.  I had a basket of sport weight alpaca leftovers to use up (Blue Sky and Frog Tree).  So I thought about trying more mittens. 

A couple of years ago I made Chloe a pair of Selbu mittens from Folk Mittens.  They were a secret Christmas present, knit in peace and quiet in the wee hours of the night when I couldn't sleep due to chemo meds.  Those mittens came out a little small, but she still wears them and truly loves them.  They still look great and are so incredibly warm.  So, it seemed that it was a good time to try more of these.  I've had the book, Favorite Mittens by Robin Hansen, in my collection for a long time, but had never given it a good look.  There were several likely candidates, but I liked this one the best and still do.


I love the intersections of the brown and red lines.   I love those little crosses (the geese).  I think the intersections are supposed to be the foxes.  I love the name too!


I used two circs, size 4 and probably should have gone down a size.  The first one came out just about right, but the gauge is a little loose.  The second one is much bigger because I was trying to keep from having tight stitches at the sides by turning the knitting inside out.  In the future I wouldn't bother with that.


I also had a hard time picking up the thumb stitches.  I can never make that look good.  Luckily, that's on the inside of the thumb, so won't be seen much.  One other thing I didn't like is that the cuff curls up.  I haven't blocked the mittens yet, so I hope that ends the curl.  If not, I will try a garter stitch cuff for a few rows next time.  And I will make these again some day.  I really liked how easy this repeat was to memorize.   For now, I've started another pair of stranded mittens in a different pattern.