An oldie, but a goodie

When you are faced with having to post on your blog every day you start to get creative.  Today I present an oldie, but a goodie.  This pair of socks was knit by me in the pre-blog days.  It's about time they make their debut here.  These are the Mamluk socks from Folk Socks by Nancy Bush.  I made these in a class with one of my favorite local knitters- Jasper at Gossamer.  At the time I didn't really understand gauge, but once I realized they were going to be too big, I didn't want to rip and just kept knitting.  They are quite suitable as house socks for lounging by the fire and so work fine for me.  They wouldn't fit in shoes, but who'd want to hide them in shoes anyway!

These are knit with Blue Sky sport weight 100% alpaca on size 2 needles.  I have to say how much I enjoyed the knitting of these.  I got them out this morning because I have something in mind to do with my stash of alpaca and needed to check gauge on these to make a decision about needle size on the new project.  Unfortunately, I can't say more about that because it will be a Christmas gift if I get it done in time!

Even the inside of these socks are beautiful!  The Folk Socks book is really worth a look.  Nancy Bush is the queen of socks and especially ethnic patterns, as she has done so much research of sock knitting around the world.  There are some other amazing patterns in the book and looking at it anew has given me even more ideas!

Lastly, take a look at the Mason-Dixon Knitting blog to find out how you can help create a beautiful blanket for a raffle.  For every 4 inch square you send in you get one raffle ticket.  Can't beat that.  I've already started a square and it knits up fast.