AAQI for December

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Last Friday, I realized I didn't have much time to get my December AAQI quilt done.  I did a quick sketch and cut out the appique right away.  I spent a few hours adding embroidery until it was just right.  I think this is my favorite so far!

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This birdie includes hand dyed cotton and linen, hand dyed embroidery floss and lots of hand stitching.  It usually takes a while for the AAQI folks to get it up on the site and ready for sale, but I hope you'll consider this one, or one of the other many fine little quilts at AAQI next time you need a little gift or a treat for yourself.  

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My last two quilts have not yet been photographed, but you can look for my name under the $1000 challenge page and buy my quilts directly there. I'll post when I see that they are ready for sale.

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The AAQI quilts at Houston in November brought in $62,000!  That's really amazing for a 4 day sale. If you are in need of some holiday gifts right now, take a look here and see the hundreds of quilts available at this moment.  Thanks for looking and remember that all the proceeds from the quilts go to Alzheimer's research, every single bit!  Here are other ways to help.

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