A wee bit of stitching


A friend came over the other day and wanted me to show her to to make "those little cloth pictures".  It was a chance to get away from the college applications and immerse myself in the slow cloth again.  While she put together a simple little woven block, I did some stitching on Blue and Orange.

032 037

I'm adding stitched areas very slowly to this piece because I haven't had much free time.  However we are nearly ready to submit the applications and life will go back to it's normal hectic pace!


We got our first big snowstorm of the season on Monday.  It doesn't look like much here, but we got about 6".  It's been bitterly cold.  Last night I was in the hot tub and it was -1.  I lasted just long enough to warm up before bed.  


The feeders have been filled and the birds are loving it.  I haven't managed to get a photo of the birds yet, but we've got lots of Juncos, Pygmy Nuthatches, Stellar's Jays, Mourning Doves, Flickers, and Downy Woodpeckers.  The splotches on the tree are the fabulous Bark Butter, a favorite treat for the woodpeckers and jays.  I have been filling the tube feeders with sunflower chips.  I especially love feeding the birds in the winter.  Their feeder antics are quite entertaining.


A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  We'll be off to my parent's tomorrow for a fabulous feast.  As a birthday present to me they are cooking the whole thing!