Shoofly Fungly for Lazy Gal Tonya

Remember this?


While I was putting together all those Jacks on Six and Shoofly Fungly blocks, it occurred to me that I should make a little quilt for Lazy Gal Tonya.  Tonya has been one of the biggest sources of inspiration for me and hers is the first blog I check every morning.  It's hard to keep these things a secret, but she received it today and I can finally show this little quilt. 


I hand quilted it with a sample of wool batting I got from Cathi.  I enjoyed quilting with the wool, but I'm still not sure if the puffiness is to my liking.  It is less puffy than the last time I used a wool batt so that's better.  I've also been experimenting with bamboo batting which isn't great for hand quilting and silk which is absolutely fabulous.  I've been busy these last few days- working on some wool and cotton blocks for a Sue Spargo quilt, making a backing for a long forgotten quilt top that I don't think has ever been seen here, putting borders on another quilt that I'm not sure I've shown before.  Photos to come of those goodies in their own time.  I also have the border fabric for the other two funglies and I plan to put them on soon.  I've got a pile of newly washed fabrics that need to be ironed before going into the stash.  Like I said, busy, busy, busy!  Meanwhile we're having our last gasp of summer with temperatures in the 90's today.  I hope to take Ryan to the pool later as it may be our last time there.