Three for three!

Today we took another walk along the Deschutes in a different spot.  We should have been geocaching all along this week, but we remembered for today and had 4 geocaches planned.  We only got to three of them, but did manage to find all three!  Chloe was so excited.

This is a really gorgeous stretch of river and it starts right in town.  You walk for only a little ways and you feel like your miles from anywhere.  It's so pretty.  We took Grammy for a walk and introduced her to geocaching.

Our id on is geobirders.  Chloe (aka Quetzal) found this one even after I had input the wrong coordinates.  We spent a long time looking in the wrong place and walked back to the river to find the correct location.  Chloe had to climb all over the rocks to find it, but finally did.  This one is a joke cache, so it's filled with gag items. We didn't have any to trade, so we just took this picture. Chloe entered a joke into the log. 

Chloe found this one too.  It's near the bridge crossing midway through the hike. 

The last one is under the bridge where the road goes over the river.  We didn't get a photo, but Mark was the one to find that one.  All in all, it was a wonderful hike and very satisfying to find all the caches we searched for.