Better Not Pout


Better Not Pout was finished just hours before my guild's Christmas party on Monday.  I love how it came out!  I got some ideas for the machine quilting design from Marilyn, the owner of QuiltWorks.  She was the one who quilted all my Collaborative Chicks quilts.  I was nervous about doing the quilting myself, but it came out pretty nice.  When I get the tension working properly I can do a fair job at the quilting.  Besides, I think somewhat wonky quilting looks good with the wonky blocks!





I was so happy that I had already made the back and binding and had them set aside.  It was simple to pin baste and get it quilted in just a few days.  The only problem was with the label which already had the date of 2009.  I had to fudge it a bit by adding 2010 to the label.

I'll be posting more quilted fun and some photo essays of holiday happenings in the next week.  I hope you are enjoying this holiday season!