Fun + Ugly = Fungly


When Tonya and Bonnie issued their Fungly Challenge, I knew I had to give it a go.  This was a fun one, though I realized later that my fabric choices are not as crazy as I would have liked.  Also, these are not all ones that I think are ugly.  Some are unloved, in the stash too long, some just hard to use. 


I did enjoy this block pattern- Jacks on Six, but I took some liberties with it, as any good liberated quilter would.  My base squares are approximately 3.5 inches.  I decided I didn't want to cut my half square triangles to 4.5 because that was too confusing, so I cut them all to 3.5 (or so) and used them that way.  That's why they don't meet up and look a little more like bow ties on the upper right and lower left of the blocks. 


The money block was the only one where I did try the 4.5 inch half square triangles, but I didn't like it as much.



And now, I think I may have enough for a nice size lap quilt, except that I just went through the stash and came up with more Fungly fabrics.  Must make more!  These are quite addicting.  In addition to all this I used the excess triangles that I cut from the corners of all these half square triangles and made progressively smaller shoo fly blocks.  If that makes no sense you'll have to wait a bit and I'll show you how I did that.  Once you start playing with scraps, any little tiny bit of fabric is fair game and I tell you, sometimes I can't stop!  I also had fun with Bonnie's Leaders and Enders technique and made lots of little quilt units while piecing these blocks. 


Saturday is my quilt guild's show in the park.  It should be lots of fun, except for being 100 degrees out!  I'm working at a table in the morning and then helping with the take down.  It'll be a long, tiring day.  I guess more quilt show photos are in the offing.  Stay tuned!

Thanks, everyone, for all the lovely comments about Better Not Pout.  You're all so sweet!