Modern Improv Sampler

Red, white, blue improv sampler (1)Modern Improv Sampler
Kristin Shields  2014
17 x 24, cotton, linen, machine pieced and quilted

Red, white, blue improv sampler (2)

Red, white, blue improv sampler (3)

Red, white, blue improv sampler (4)

Begin as you mean to go on- a good bit of advice for New Year's.

I don't think I've shown this finished piece yet.  I started making these units during my Modern Improv class at NW Quilters last September.  I did show a glimpse of it in this post in November.  This was a quick finish.  It's small, but so much fun. This is what I mean by doing the kind of quilting I love.  I absolutely love taking a bunch of scraps and making meaning of them.  Especially if they are solid scraps.  I decided to make several of these small pieces because they'll be useful for travel teaching.  I think teachers need to provide lots of examples, but traveling with a suitcase of big quilts gives you less variety.  Since I love to do these, it's certainly not a hardship.  I think I'll be making lots more this year!

Meanwhile, today I started something new for our 2015 Central Oregon Modern Quilt Guild Challenge :: Inspired by Gee's Bend.  I'll post about that next time!