Privacy Policy

In an effort to comply with GDPR rules effective May 25, 2018 I have compiled a list of questions and answers about my data collection and use.

What kind of information do I collect?

  • I collect certain information when buyers make a purchase through Etsy (which the buyer has authorized Etsy to provide to me), such as the buyer's name, email address, postal address, and the details of the product the buyer has ordered.
  • I collect the names and email addresses of those who opt in to receive newsletters or blog updates through my website at

How do I use the information collected?

  • To quickly process Etsy transactions.
  • To send out blog updates by email.
  • To send out newsletters by email containing shop update and other event information.
  • I do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties and data collected.

How do I protect your data?

  • Information from Etsy buyers is stored securely in my home.  This is the information that prints on Etsy receipts: name, address, and email.  I keep this information for my own records of sales.  Etsy has its own privacy policy which you can read about here:  Etsy Privacy Policy.
  • On Squarespace (my website host) I have disabled the Activity Log so I do not collect or see visitor's IP address or other personal information.  I have also disabled the Squarespace Analytics cookies feature.
  • Data from blog update subscribers and newsletter subscribers is not stored on Squarespace, but channeled directly to MailChimp.  Data are collected from those who wish to receive the emails with a double opt in feature.  You can read more about the MailChimp privacy policy here:  MailChimp Privacy Policy.  An unsubscribe link is included in the footer of all these emails and you can change your preferences at any time.