Mother's Day Surprise


Happy Mother's Day!  We had a delightful day with my parents.  We had a delicious brunch made by Chloe and my dad.  Then we played Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit.  The guys won the first one, the gals won the second!  Up above is the Kiri Shawl, finally blocked and presented to my mom for Mother's Day.  I'm glad to see this one finished because the knitting was done last summer!  Remember that? 

And now, because I know there are a few who are curious, I'm finally ready to reveal my new, short, short haircut.  I've actually had one haircut since my hair started growing out.  It's coming in rather unevenly, so I had to have a cut just to make it less shaggy.  I like having short hair right now, though would like it to be a little less boyish.  I haven't had short hair since I was a baby, so this takes some getting used to!