Done: Little Tree in the Big Snowy Woods

Little Tree done (1)

Alright, it's done except for the label and sleeve, but that's pretty good for me!  Quilting this went quickly and it was a good thing I chose to do the free motion quilting.  All that turning would have killed me if I had used the walking foot.

Little Tree done (2)

I was concerned about the quilting obscuring the lovely textural background fabrics, but I don't think it's a problem. 

Little Tree done (3)

The light is horrible for photos today. Not horrible for sewing though.  I love sunny afternoons in the studio!

Little Tree done (4)

So, I had to use the flash to try to get something decent.  Of course, it's not the same as seeing it in person.

Little Tree done (5)

Little Tree done (6)

I think the back is pretty cool. I don't usually want my stitches to show up on the back and so will do a highly patterned novelty or something that relates to the front. On this quilt I didn't want to have show through when the quilt is hung outdoors, so I used an off white Kona.  I'm not sure which one this is, but I love the Kona off whites.

Little Tree done (7)
So, one down, ? to go!  The countdown clock is ticking....