Another Trek Along the Deschutes

Last week we did another trek along the beautiful Deschutes River in Central Oregon.  To see this part of the river you only have to drive a few miles from town.  This time we walked the stretch between Meadow Camp and Big Eddy.

Central Oregon is full of volcanic features so we see a lot of old lava beds.  The first photos shows what is called Lava Island.  It was caused by lava flows coming down from both sides of the river.  This area of the river ranges from slow moving pools to class 3 rapids.  Next are some rafts that came by while we were hiking.  It looks like a lot of fun.

This is Big Eddy, class 3 rapids, we saw a few kayakers come down here and what a wild ride it looks!  


These are my three hiking companions.  They've finally accepted the odd request to stop for a sock photo!  What a beautiful day for a hike.  Since then we've had record hot temperatures, so no hiking lately, but stay tuned for the next trek along adventure.