So Close


I'm very close to finishing this one.  I keep thinking when the calendar seems free that I might actually have several hours to work on it and then stuff comes up, every single time.  I suppose I should be used to this, but it's still frustrating.  Anyway, this one really is close to being done.  I've a bit more background quilting to do on the center portion and a bit of embroidery.  I hope to get the binding sewn on tomorrow.  We'll see. 


Meanwhile, we're enjoying the first long stretch of nice weather all spring.  It really feels like summer now.  Chloe is in her training camp for being a teen volunteer at the High Desert Museum.  Ryan is happy that the other kids are finally out of school.  I've got tomatoes growing and a bunch of new perennials.  I've just discovered the joys of peonies  The frogs in the pond are singing a chorus every night.  It's a nice time here in Central Oregon!