Pendleton shirt

Don't you love it when a friend really "gets" you?  Last week was so busy and I was truly exhausted by Friday.  That evening there was a Mom's Night Out with some of my homeschooling friends and I was almost too tired to go.  I am so glad I went though.  In addition to a wonderful evening with friends (oh, wow, the food was amazing, as was the laughter and friendship), I was gifted with a ratty old shirt with holes.  

Now, you may be thinking why I would be so excited about that.  I had been recently bemoaning the fact that I have no old, worn Pendleton shirts in my stash.  These 100% wool shirts are reknowned around the Pacific Northwest for their high quality, made-in-the-USA fabric.  And, they come from just a few hours away in Pendleton, OR.  I really wanted to have some of this old fabric to play with and Myria was on the lookout!  I was thrilled and she was tickled to be able to contribute to my creativity and thriftiness.  Isn't this a wonderful color combination too? I promise to use it well!