2016 Christmas Ornaments For Sale

The Holiday Tails Art Fair was great fun and I did pretty well for my first time out at a real art fair!  I was lucky enough to have a space right next to my sister, Cheryl Chapman, of Silly Dog Art Glass.  She's a veteran of many, many art fairs, so I got lots of help and tips from her, plus had the fun of a friend right next door when it got slow.  I sold a few of the larger items, but mostly it was ornaments and greeting cards.  Tonight I listed all the unsold ornaments in my Etsy shop.  I was surprised to find that the stitched ornaments sold much better than the painted ones.  Nevertheless, there are 7 hand stitched ornaments available right now and 15 of the hand painted ornaments.  Maybe you'll find one you can't live without?  Order soon for arrival by Christmas.  

Also, I have put all the 2015 and older ornaments in the Clearance section. These are available for half off, but have just as much care, time and attention in them as this year's ornaments.  For those who might not know, I've been creating a limited number of ornaments each year that have a particular theme.  In the past I've done a series of hand stitched owls, a series of hand stitched trees, a series of hand painted Airstream trailers, etc.  It's great fun!  This year's series were of animal portraits in both hand painted and hand stitched versions.  I hope you enjoy looking and maybe even sharing with your friends!