Cloth to Cloth 2


I'm taking my third online class with Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth fame.  This is the second time Jude has taught this class and I feel so lucky to have gotten in on the fun.  These cloths are all from the first lesson, basic weaving.  It may not seem so revolutionary right now, but the techniques are quickly getting more involved.  Wonderful news today that Jude is making plans for an advance Cloth to Cloth class and a BOOK!!!  I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.  The cloths above are made with many of my new indigo dyed fabrics (cotton, linen and silk velvet).  The plaid is from a thrift store skirt.  The fringed bit is from the linen tea towel.


After being immersed in indigo for a week, I managed to break out and try some other colors.  I took my fabrics and a working board with me to Walla Walla over the weekend for Chloe's college visit.  While she was getting to know the school I was weaving away in my hotel room.  


The blue and orange piece is what Jude calls "spaced out".  Just by leaving room between the weaving strips we can create a new design element.  This piece is very light and airy as the weaving strips are mainly silk.