Mt. Bachelor Quilters Guild Show


Today's quilt show was a lot of fun.  The weather was quite different from last year.  When I got there at 7:30 am it was about 45 degrees.  It warmed up to about 70- as opposed to 105 degrees last year!  I think we had more attendees because of the better weather.  The quilt above was done by Jill Monley, our featured quilter.  It's not quite done, but will be soon.  Jill started this in the Mary Lou Weidman class that I was in just about a month ago!  I think it's just fabulous.


There was a special section for community quilts- you may remember one of my Project Improv quilts on the left.


There were two word quilts done Lazy Gal style.  On the left is my friend, Erin's, very first quilt!  The Shoo Fly is mine.  These were done as part of our guild's annual challenge. 

The challenge was to go to the paint store and choose two colors based on the initials of your first and last name.  Then the paint chips would be used to pick your colors.  You could only use those two colors and only two fabrics for your quilt.  The two fabric part was pretty hard for me.  I had only a fat quarter of the orange and couldn't find another suitable fabric anywhere.  I used every last bit of it.  I also hand quilted and that took a long time.  I got the binding finished at 11:30 yesterday. 

Erin started her quilt only a couple of weeks ago and we both had no idea what the other was doing.  I'm so glad she used the letters and wonky piecing.  She has definitely taken to heart the liberated style.  Erin's quilt says, "This quilt was very challenging"!


This is our guild raffle quilt.  More wonky log cabins!





This quilt is just wonderful.  Look carefully at the lower area.  See what the dog did as it went by the snowman?



This one is a fun take off on the usual bunny quilts.






Hope you enjoyed that.  I have more photos to catch up on.  It's been a very fiber filled summer.  Now I've got a few weeks to relax and catch up in the sewing room before fall gets going.  I hope you all are having a wonderful summer!