Love in Bloom :: The Language of Flowers Quilt Reveal

The Language of Flowers- Love in Bloom by Kristin Shields (4)

Ta-da!  Love in Bloom is finished, just in time for quilt collection tomorrow.  Our guild show is on Saturday and it is our plan every year to have that be the debut display for our book quilts.  Last night was the quilt reveal meeting.  Our quilts this year are inspired by The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.  More on that below.

The Language of Flowers- Love in Bloom detail (6)

I had lots of fun with the embroidery here.  The story is set in San Francisco, so I wanted to have the bridge, the city and the flower fields on the other side of the bay. Not realistic, but that's okay.  It's folk art!

The Language of Flowers- Love in Bloom detail (3)

The Language of Flowers- Love in Bloom detail (11)

The city wouldn't be complete without some city buildings, a few painted ladies and a cable car.

The Language of Flowers- Love in Bloom detail (7)

The flower fields are signified with tiny french knots and the bay seemed a little lonely, so I added the sailboat.  The border is full of flowers that I'm calling dahlias. In the language of flowers, dahlias are for dignity.  

Below are the quilts from last night's reveal.  We have twelve members and 10 of us managed to make enough headway to get ours nearly done by last night.  The other two are encouraged to keep on going, but finishing a quilt each year is not the point.  The point is the friendships we've created.

The Language of Flowers (1)- Jane Davis

Jane Davis and her lovely flowers in a vase.  The red flowers are created with wool applique.

The Language of Flowers (2)- Cindy O'Neal

Cindy O'Neal and her incredible portrait quilt.  Cindy is getting really good with the portraits.  Look for more fabulous-ness from her!

The Language of Flowers (3)- Janelle Rebick

Janelle Rebick's quilt includes the thread painted bee.  So wonderful!

The Language of Flowers (5)- Betty Geintke

Betty Geintke's quilt has incredible silk work. It shines from within.

The Language of Flowers (6)- Martha Sanders

Martha Sander's daisies literally leap off the quilt.  This is going to be fabulous!

The Language of Flowers (7)- Sally  Black

Sally Black's flowers were inspired by the design on her i-Phone cover!

The Language of Flowers (9)- Sandie Woodbeck

Sandie Woodbeck's lovely flower basket was finished despite some recent health challenges. Isn't it pretty!

The Language of Flowers (10)- Susan Mondry

Susan Mondry's Language of Flowers was made with a vintage linen that had some flowers and their meanings- pretty cool!  She added some sweet patchwork and more vintage linens.

The Language of Flowers (11)- Wanda Barkhurst

Wanda Barkhurst made this incredible quilt with fused bits of fabric that are 1/2" square, I believe.  She embellished her work with hundreds of beads and the cool looking fence.

The Language of Flowers (12)- Kristin Shields

And this is me.  My quilt was not quite done last night.  I'm so glad it's ready now though.  If you are in the area, the Mt Bachelor Quilters' Guild Quilt Show in the Park is this Saturday, 10-4 in Pioneer Park in Bend.  Hope to see you there!