Live & Learn

The LIve & Learn Conference started off with a bang on Wednesday with an ice cream social.  We met some lovely unschoolers and Ryan joined a "gang"!  He's been playing with any number of these boys ever since the conference started.  It's kept him going so much it's very hard to get him to stop for meals or sleep.  He's had a few rough spots, but mostly has had a great time.  They especially love playing with the RC cars.

Chloe has spent most of her time either making crafts or selling them.  Her cards and bookmarks have been selling like hotcakes.  She is a very persistent entrepreneur and will sit outside the main conference hall on her own, knitting and waiting to sell something.  Chloe made handmade paper, created and traded Artist Trading Cards, and learned how to use a knitting loom. 

Chloe selling her wares.

A knitting loom convention.

Making paper.

Look at the beautiful artistry of the handmade papers.

Trading her ATC's.  Again, there were some really wonderful artworks here in this room!

After dinner at our new favorite restaurant, Flying Star, we headed back to the main conference hall for the evening talent show.  There's a lot of talent in this group!  Off to bed now!