A Handmade Christmas:: 3

Chloe's honey cowl (1)

Handmade gift number 3 was this Honey Cowl I made for Chloe.  She actually picked out the yarn and pattern, so it wasn't a surprise, but appreciated nonetheless.  I am still posting all my knits on Ravelry, so that's the best place to see them.  This one just got a special posting here because it was a gift.  It's also a good time to tell you that I've changed my Ravelry name to StitchingHands.  I just realized last week that I could do that.  If you'd like to see more of my knitting check it out over there.

Chloe's honey cowl (5)

I made a sort of medium size that can be worn long or doubled if it's cold.  It's made with Handmaiden Casbah and it's just unbelievably soft and luxurious!

Chloe's honey cowl (7)