Healing Reins

Ryan participates in a therapeutic riding program for kids with special needs, called Healing Reins.  It's been great for him this year as a way to have an activity that's all his own and a way to be more independent.  He has a good time, even though he's not horse-crazy.  I'm amazed that after only a few months he was riding independently and even trotting!  We took Grammy and Grampa down there for a special lesson on Friday, so they could see what he does.

Ryan always rides Chex.  Chex can be a little grumpy sometimes, and because of the heat (it was 91 yesterday!) he was not cooperating as well as usual.  He didn't really want to trot.  Ryan finally did get him to trot, but not for long.  Ryan will be doing the HR horse show tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes!