Whispering Hearts and Sun Moon Stars

Whispering Hearts

Still working on my Whispering Hearts piece.  That workshop has ended and a new one has begun. This time it's Whispering Sun Moon Stars.  The great thing about these workshops is that you can access them at any time.  Jude has a new format that works really well.  The workshops are on separate blogs and accessible once you've paid.  You get all the videos, audios and downloadable PDF's.  Then, there is the SEW forum for all students past and present to show works inspired by Jude's classes.  It's really wonderful.  The SEW forum is also available for free to anyone to just read.

A Whispering Heart for Herm (2)
This heart is for a clothmate named Herm who is very ill now.  She has been receiving hearts from many in Jude's community.  It's quite astonishing really.  Mine was sent yesterday, a whispering heart with wings.