A little Scrabble love at Christmastime

Just thought you might enjoy some photos I took of Scrabble yesterday.  He's wearing the Penny sweater from Knitty.  It's my own modification to make it in the round..  He's sitting on a quilt my mom made us for Christmas a few years ago.   

To the right is one of my drawstring gift bags.  I made a few more the other day and had to go to Jo Ann's today to get some more ribbon for the drawstring.  Anyone interested in a tutorial for such a thing?  I don't know if my way is the most elegant, but it works for me and leaves no raw edges inside (is that the OCD in me coming out?).  Someone also asked about the pattern for the Little Felted Stockings.  I might do that as well, but I'm not sure when I'll get some time.  I'll let you know!


Scrabble wishes you a Very Merry Christmas and says, "Don't hate me for my long, luxurious eyelashes."