One more


Okay, here's the latest pair of socks and then I promise I'll show you some quilting.  These are the Tibetan Socks from Cat Bordhi's, New Pathways for Sock Knitters.  These are made with Trekking XXL and carried double throughout.  They are a quick knit on 44 stitches.  I made them for me, but they came out a bit small.  Luckily, they do fit Chloe, so they are now hers.  I still have enough of the Trekking to do something else so I've already started a pair that I hope will fit me!  They are the Sunrise socks, from the same book, though I made a mistake, so now I'm winging it.  I'll show you those soon! 

Meanwhile, I took some photos of the quilt I've been hand quilting and will post them tomorrow.  I'm actually going to write that post right now because this weekend I'll be gone on a Mom's Weekend Out!  This is a first with my group of homeschooling mom friends here in Bend.  It's going to be cold (darn that mountain weather), but should be tons of fun.