Norsewood & the Troll Stroll


We've found the most fun in our travels comes when we least expect it.  Like the time we drove through a little town in Maine and noticed people sitting on the sidewalks like they were waiting for a parade.  We stopped and joined them and indeed, a parade came along.  It was short and sweet and after a little while we continued on our way. 

As we were traveling to Napier we saw a sign pointing off the highway (think- two lane road) to the little village of Norsewood.  It said it was an historic area so we pulled off the road to check it out.  In the middle of the village there was a little coffee shop.  By the way, I never had a bad cup of coffee in NZ, or Australia either.  They do know their coffee.  Anyway, there was also a tiny visitor center next door with the door open.  No one was around, but there were some brochures which I took and then I saw it- the Norsewood Troll Stroll.  Designed for kids, this stroll is intended to help visitors learn about the town while enjoying a puzzle and getting a little exercise all at the same time.


A series of clues took us around the town.  I must confess we didn't finish the stroll, but we did see a number of historical buildings and the village's self-service museum which was pretty cool. 


I would love to have this chest in my house.  Though I wasn't sure about the kiwi feather purse!


We enjoyed our time in Norsewood quite a bit and we did see quite a few trolls.