Arches and Tunnels

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Arches and Tunnels is an old project that I finally got back around to. I started this one almost exactly 2 years ago when we were living in our downtown house.  I was inspired by the hand applique class I took with Carolyn Friedlander that summer and I started this project with some very hot colors and a fold and cut technique.  

2017 Arches and Tunnels (3).JPG

I was doing some improvisational applique and not really worrying much about the size of the background strips. I figured I could eventually make it fit somehow.  I tried so many different variations of placement and even took photos as you'll see below.

2017 Arches and Tunnels (4).JPG
2017 Arches and Tunnels (5).JPG
2017 Arches and Tunnels (6).JPG
2017 Arches and Tunnels (7).JPG
2017 Arches and Tunnels (8).JPG

It was put aside during our move last year and then last winter I got it out again and did some more of the applique. I even sewed some of the background parts together.  Just this week I decided to finish the thing so I can submit it to QuiltCon.  It turned out I only had to sew on a few more background strips and applique one more piece (the top one you see below).  

It was really a matter of a few hours to do the applique and get it all sewn together!  Why did I procrastinate?  To tell you the truth even though I had all those photos of previous iterations I didn't even consult them when I did the final layout.  I just threw caution to the wind and did something spontaneous.  

Here's another little secret- I don't even really like this quilt anymore. These things happen, at least with me.  However, I got a huge surprise when I posted the first and last photos you see here on Instagram and they got all sorts of attention, including a feature on the Curated Quilts account. So, I guess it's a good thing I'm going ahead with the finish.  Today I took it to a local long arm quilter because she does very good work, but I've never had her do one of my quilts before.  Luckily, I won a gift certificate for her services a while ago and I got to use that.  I am excited to see what she does with it because I gave her free reign.  I'll post it later when it's finished.