Cross Currents Evolution


I wish I'd remembered my camera yesterday and gotten more in progress photos, but this is all from today.  Work continues; sometimes slowly, sometimes in a flurry of inspiration.  My Cross Currents class with Rosalie Dace has been a lot of fun and filled with inspiration.  She has asked us not to publish photos of her work and I've not taken photos of other people's work, but, trust me, mine is not representative of the class.  All the work is unique.  

I went into the class only knowing a little bit of Rosalie's work (from her blog), at the suggestion of friends in the Sue Spargo and Tonye Phillips retreat.  I knew the theme was crossed lines (+, x) and that was it.  As it turns out, it's much more than that. It's composition, value, color, surface design and embellishment.  Rosalie is a wonderful teacher and I find that I am listening to her conversations with my classmates as I work quietly away.


Rosalie is very accomodating to those who want to do handwork instead of, or in addition to machine work.  This was a help to me as I was itching to use my slow cloth techniques as well.  I have made many small units with crossed lines of all sorts and kept adding to them all day.  I have quite a bit of hand stitching so far and will add more.  I've used many of my latest hand dyes, some of Deb Lacativa's hand dyes, commercial dyed fabrics, silks, linen, hand dyed embroidery floss.  I've done machine piecing, hand applique- both raw edge and turned, running stitches and back stitches.




There are three more days of class and a busy week at home too, so I may not be able to post again for a few days.  I am sure there will be more progress when I do though!