Sock Summit 2009- Day 1


I'm here in Portland at the one and only Sock Summit!  It's an unbelievable gathering of knitters from all over the world.  We had knitters from Australia in this morning's class with Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen.  Meg was just as unflappable as she is in her videos, and couldn't help but give all sorts of knitting hints throughout the class.  We were working on Elizabeth Zimmermann's moccasin sock.  This very sock below was knit by EZ herself!


After a most wonderful preview of the marketplace we had the opening night reception where Tina Newton and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee told the story of how the Summit came to be.  At turns with gales of laughter and tears of relief, it was a fun evening.  I think they are totally running on adrenalin at this point. 


This picture all has three knitting luminaries on the left hand side, Cat Bordhi, Barbara Walker and Anna Zilboorg.  We'll hear more from them before the weekend is out.  Tomorrow is the Guiness World Record Knitting attempt and the Sock Hop for me.  I'll also spend more time in the marketplace and attempting to get some of my stash of knitting books signed.