And They're Off!

The road trip shall, from here on, be called the SCENIC Tour.  Chloe came up with this acronym which stands for: Shields Clan Explores New mexico In addition to California.  Here we are getting on the road in Bend.  Unfortunately Scrabble couldn't come with us.  Mark says Scrabble is kind of moping around and waiting for us to come home.   Poor pup! 

It was a fairly uneventful drive down to Sacramento.  When we got here it was actually cool.  The kids went swimming in the hotel pool and when they got out it felt cold.  Must be a first for August in Sacramento!  We went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner then to the Barnes & Noble next door to stock up on reading material. 

On Thursday we went to the California State Railroad Museum.We had a fun time looking at trains both big and small.The sleeper car that you can walk through has a rocking motion meant to simulate going down the tracks at 55 mph.  When bedtime rolled around, the porter would convert the benches to a bed for 2 and pull down an overhead bunk for the other two.  In the morning, he would come by again to turn the bed back in to benches.

Ryan really liked the big diesel engines the best, but I liked the small steam engines.Chloe’s favorite part was the dining car that had all the different place settings from various train lines around the country.  She liked reading the menus too.  We found out that one place setting came with a personal 3 shaker server in which would be salt, pepper and paprika.

Ryan had a ball in the kid’s play area where they have a huge set up of Thomas trains.They also had a very large model train display area and set up.We got some nice stuff in the shop including a train puzzle game, a train shirt for Ryan, a patch for me and a very long pencil for Chloe.We walked around Old Sacramento afterwards and found 5 or 6 different candy shops!Of course we had to get a few things including our old favorites Bulls-Eyes, bubble gum and Bit-O-Honey.Another candy shop had homemade brittle and caramel corn, so we got some of that too.As Ryan would say, sweeeeet!

Last night we had a nice visit with my good friend Julie and her adorable daughter, Hana.  Hana will be 2 in a month and a half.