Hot off the press


My friend, Erin, and I spent the afternoon in Sisters enjoying the Fiber Arts Stroll.  It was really neat to see so many wonderful artists.  I didn't manage to get a single photo, but had to show you all that this new book by Jean Wells has just come out.  This is where Jean has been going for the past several years and her ideas on color and line are really worth checking out.  If you were intrigued by the class that I took with Jean last year you might want to see for yourself.  It's all in there including several pieces made by students in the class I took.  I might have gotten a quilt in there myself if only I'd finished it!  Oh well, I'm so glad everyone can now get this fantastic book. 

Tomorrow is my first class with Gwen Marston- can you hear the squeals as I say that?  I'll report back with notes from class.  By the way, thanks to everyone for the very nice comments filling my inbox.  I may not get to replies anytime soon, but I sure appreciate them!  Til next time...