Gingerbread & Light

Last week I took the kids to a local co-op art gallery.  I was shopping for presents, but we were all pleasantly surprised to find that one of the artists had created a most amazing gingerbread structure.  It's based on one of the town landmarks called, The Old Mill.  It was actually the mill they town was based upon 100 years ago, but has since turned into a favorite shopping area.  Anyway, this structure was so wonderful with all the details and moving parts that it kept them well occupied while I shopped.

We had a two day trip to Portland last weekend for a medical test that Chloe needed.  It was a chance to finally see Peacock Lane.  This is a street in Portland in which the residents have had a Christmas light display every December for 80 years.  Last year we tried to go, but it was the one day that Portland got a small bit of snow and with cars sliding all over the place it seemed to risky (we were prepared with snow tires and all wheel drive, but we saw so much slipping and sliding of other cars, it was scary!).  It was a cold night, but the lights were very pretty and we really enjoyed it.

Our favorite displays were the Grinch and Charlie Brown's Christmas.

This weekend we are baking, watching our favorite Christmas movies and keeping warm at home.  On Christmas eve we'll visit my parent's house and have a cozy evening there with stories, delicious food and a blazing fire.  We are hoping for some white stuff for Christmas, but it's been raining all day.  Every now and then snow mixes with the rain.  Too bad we don't live in Colorado!  What a white Christmas they'll be having!