Lucky Day

Happy Friday the 13th!  We had a wonderful day with a trip to the pumpkin patch with our COOL group.  It was a lot of fun, especially later on when the kids just ran around and played for 2 hours while the parents sat around and chatted.  I have a soft spot for turkeys because their copper-tinged feathers are so beautiful, so I had to get a photo of this handsome boy in the petting zoo. 

The kids chose their pumpkins very carefully.  Chloe was especially mindful of all the possibilities in these orange orbs.  She was the last one finished choosing.

After the petting zoo, pumpkin gathering and climbing around on the hay structure, we ventured into the corn maze (maize maze!) and saw this eerie sight.  These corn mazes are aMAZing!  It's so elaborate and because there was a wizard of OZ theme, there was Dorothy's little house with some legs sticking out from under it.

After a picnic lunch the kids played for two more hours.  It made for an exhausting, but very fun day!