M is for...


My mother is the ultimate craft lady.  As long as I can remember she's been doing one kind of hand crafting or another.  When I was little she sewed all my clothes and most of her own as well.  She made all sorts of things for the house and everything is so beautiful.  When we kids got a little older she got a job as a craft consultant at LeeWard's Craft Store (which was bought out by Michaels eventually).  She taught people how to do innumerable crafts, but I'd say her mainstay was crochet.  She could do any kind of needle craft including tatting, cross stitch, needlepoint and also tried her hand at batiking, tole painting, and wood burning.

My sister and I learned to do a lot of these crafts as well.  As we siblings grew up we all said we'd never work at LeeWards, but wouldn't you know it, we all did at one point or another, even my brother.  It is a bit ironic that my mother did not become a quilter until after I did.  I didn't teach her how to quilt, but I did assist in choosing fabrics for one of her first projects.

So I think that it's because of my mom that I have the innate desire and ability to do all these hand crafts that enrich my life.  Thanks to you, Mom.  Love you!