A little fall color


A few weeks ago I won a contest over at Syko.  If you haven't seen Kajsa's blog yet, you must get over there and look at her whimsical appliques.  This interactive project is especially delightful (and if you participate you might even win it!).  Well, I kind of forgot about it, but the other day the most lovely package arrived in the mail.  Such a treat to see her work up close.  Thank you so much, Kajsa!


In other news, we had the most amazing flock of Evening Grosbeaks invade our pond yesterday.  There must have been at least a hundred of these guys and they seemed like they hadn't seen water in ages.  We often have flocks of robins or cedar waxwings, but this is the first of this kind.  They were in and out, flying all over and hitting the windows too. 


I've got a new project going and it's all Tonya's fault.  I'm still working on the old stuff too though.  Photos to come!