Gwen Marston :: Free Range Triangles

Gwen's last workshop at the Stitchin' Post in Sisters was called Free Range Triangles (like the book).  Even though I have some quilts in the book I knew I had to be there for Gwen's last class.  You remember this quilt from the previous post?  This one was so inspiring to me.  I love how it goes predictably until there's a point that's cut off.  Some blocks don't maintain the dark/light value contrast that you might expect.  Then, there's that black square created from several blocks with the right corner missing.  I love that!

I just happened to bring some of my favorite indigo fabrics with some white and other neutrals.  I also had the red, so this sort of Fourth of July mashup came to being.  I think my style is even less formal than Gwen's.  If you look at Gwen's quilt at a quick glance, you might think it's all perfectly organized.  Then you look a little closer and notice the anomalies.  I think with mine, you might notice the anomalies sooner.  Anyway, I just had a lot of fun with this while I worked on it over the 3 days of the workshop.  

Whenever I work on a quilt that involves variations on a theme I find that I can't help myself from trying new stuff as I go along.  I can't help it!  I've said before that I'm easily bored by a quilt that's too predictable, so my mind starts to go through all the possibilities that I haven't tried.  Also, because this was a workshop with other students I might have been feeding off the energy of the crowd.  Either way, you'll notice with the last photo that I've added some interesting variations in the outer blocks.

I haven't touched this project since the workshop, but I hope to get it out again soon.  I really love what happened with it and I want to make it a bit bigger.  

Gwen and her Michigan mitt!

Gwen and her Michigan mitt!

The workshops were fun and so inspiring, but it's sad to think that Gwen won't be teaching here again.  I'm not sure when or if I'll see her again, but I just wanted to thank Gwen again for all the great memories and inspiration!