Dye Series Part 4- Color Gradations

Blue purple gradation

Here's a little more about color gradations.  The basic method was mentioned in Part 2.  First of all, I like to use larger pieces of fabric for this.  Usually 1/2 yds or full yds.  The fabric should be presoaked in the soda ash.  Then arrange your fabric in a large container such as a dishpan or basin.  You can try lots of ways to arrange, including pleating.  I just sort of sqooshed it around until it seemed good.

Ready for some more color gradations

Gradations out to do their magic

When you choose colors to use, you can do the obvious color wheel combinations (red-blue, blue-yellow, yellow-red) or choose something more subtle like the blue-purple.

Blue purple

Brown blue

I like this brown-blue version.

Green yellow

Pink red

Color gradations

Scrabble likes the combos too.  Lots of inspiration here!  By the way, the ironing is done!  Yay!  Time to get on with some other activities now.  More dye posts to come!